Mexican Soccer League - Mexico

Mexico - Broadcast to U.S. Nationwide
Mexican Soccer League - Mexico

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Electronic Screens at the 10 Most Important Soccer Stadiums in Mexico

Live-Broadcast Mexican Soccer

SPORTMARCA/VALLASPORT USA is a new media in the US that reaches millions of viewers by offering ad space on billboards and electronic screens that are located within the 10 most important Mexican soccer league stadiums -- Hosting games covered by the largest TV companies broadcasting Mexican soccer league matches every year in the US. Audiences in the United States watch soccer broadcasts in higher numbers than any other sport.

Your brand can literally be in front of millions!

Soccer broadcasts are watched more than any other sport in the USA

JANUARY through JUNE Season | JULY through OCTOBER Season

SPORTMARCA/VALLASPORT USA can include your brand in the game lineup.

Take advantage of this 100 percent televisual area. Your brand will be on TV through SPORTMARCA/VALLASPORT USA in many networks broadcasting Mexican soccer league matches Liga MX every week. Without buying expensive TV commercial time. Broadcast Networks U.S. Nationwide include: Univision, Telemundo, Fox Sports, and TUDN.

Use our screens to feature your brand in several opportunities. Not only on television during the game, but also on sports news shows … Recaps, match rebroadcasts, magazines, newspapers, and social media … Amidst the actual presence in each stadium where you can promote ""

Liga MX is the most viewed and most important soccer league in America.

Soccer exceeds audience numbers in any other sport in the US by far, uniquely so within the Hispanic market. And what’s more, 38 years-old is the median age of audience watching your brand.

The most important Hispanic networks will be featuring and promoting your brand. UNIVISION and TUDN guaranteed and also, Telemundo, Fox Sports, Bein Sports, and many other broadcasting vendors featuring Mexican league results every week.

SPORTMARCA/VALLASPORT USA has access to 10 stadiums hosting the most popular teams in Mexico in more than 180 games and multiple teams as two different seasons unfold every year. Opening and Closing Seasons — so your brand could be present all year round. Or, targeting specific brackets as needed. 

More than 180 games & multiple teams/2 Seasons

Through the Liga MX’s yearly broadcast schedule you can reach millions of viewers.

Live TV, recaps, match rebroadcasts, magazines, newspapers, and social media

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Live TV, recaps, match rebroadcasts, magazines, newspapers, and social media

Don’t miss the game! Don’t stay out! Score against your competition!

Included Stadiums:

  • Azteca Stadium
  • Victoria Stadium
  • Olimpico Universitario
  • Universitario
  • La Corregidora Caliente
  • Cuauhtemoc
  • Mazatlan Stadium

Put your name on the field!

JANUARY through JUNE Season | JULY through OCTOBER Season
2+ M

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