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Big49 radio is a 24 x 7 HLS Streaming platform utilizing technology developed by Apple Computer. Our metrics for tabulating audience are developed on time tabulation. We tabulate the metric for a given audience based on the collective time reported within a given market for a specific date period. When this time is reported its a collection of the number of samples given. This tabulation metric allows for our sample to be accurate to 20 second increments. That advantage for our metrics reporting allows our count to be specific and real. HLS is an acronym for (HTTPS Live Streaming), Utilizing the design of a web server as broadcast internet architecture. This allows our coverage to be better and larger than traditional terrestrial AM FM broadcast services. HLS is a designated “Standards” based broadcast platform by the AES (Audio Engineering Society) in the same as AM / FM are recognized broadcast broadcast platforms by the AES.

We launched Big49 radio May of 2020. Since our launch Big49radio has regularly occupied the #2 - #3 slot on the Streams HiFi index. As well Big49 is on I-Heart Radio and is available on Amazon Alexa devices and on our own website Https:// offering Motocross news / lifestyle information and quality rock music.

2022 Big49radio, recently launched a marketing publicity campaign with AMG Outdoor advertising.

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Stretch / Jason / Jeff Loop Pro Vet MX racer

Stretch , Jason , Derek Kelley (Pro MX racer AEO Powersports #79)

Jason Raley (HYR) With Bradley Slums and Claire, Professional Moto Base jumpers

The Big49 Control room

Big49 Control room Console , PR&E RMX 28 Console


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