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The Jimbo and Jackie show is a twisted tonight Show, a cross between Johnny Carson and Howard Stern. We feature comedians and musicians with interviews, games, and a dash of real-world journalism. It is a zany, funny, serious, and whacky show televised on XPTV1 which is shown in the UK and Spain. The Jimbo and Jackie Show will soon come to terrestrial television.

Rockefellas TV has partnered with XPTV1 to produce shows like the Jimbo & Jackie Show, The Monica Price Show, and The Garden Picasso Show with more to come. Rockefellas TV and the Jimbo and Jackie show offers up-and-coming American artists, sponsors, and advertisers the opportunity to be televised and a great deal of exposure in the UK and Spain on their cable station XPTV1. It is currently running on a 9:00 pm slot and on a terrestrial television network.

Sponsorship package for Jimbo and Jackie show includes:

Mentioned 4 times on the show, 

Product placement on the front of bar in the show

On our credits at the end of the show

Sponsorship on Big 49 radio which is worldwide

Spot on billboard in California that has 373,000 impressions per week.

($12,500.00 per episode)

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