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22-inch Digital Checkout Screen in Micro Market

Eye-Level Advertising*

Show off your brand at busy hotel micro markets that are attractive and well-stocked for guests. The GrabScanGo Markets provide a self-checkout experience that has considerably increased in popularity. Your brand is placed in a prominent place on the GrabScanGo checkout kiosk screen. There are also options for advertisers to add special coupons and local links to their branding. *Contact us for a list of the many locations available.

Get Your Brand Out There!

Large Ad Placement for Your Brand

GrabScanGo Hotel Micro Markets are designed, stocked, and maintained by GrabScanGo. This ensures the right products are always in stock. For advertisers, this is a tremendous value as many will use the market, thus also seeing the featured ad campaign.

A Win-Win-Win

The mini market at participating hotels is a win for the hotel management, a win for hotel guests, and ultimately a WIN FOR ADVERTISERS! Watch this featured video produced by GrabScanGo to understand the great features and benefits to advertisers.

Why Advertise With Us?

The GrabScanGo Checkout Kiosk features a 22" digital screen allowing advertisers to stay in front of the consumer during their shopping experience, increasing guest interaction with an advertiser's brand. Direct links to coupons, local specials, and local restaurant menus are optional features advertisers can take advantage of.

Hotel guests additionally have the ability to download the GrabScanGo App (Apple Store or Google Play Store) for free. This allows them to access the coupons and/or local specials as they are out enjoying their day. Savvy travelers will already have this app on their mobile phones to make the best use of their away-from-home time and budget.

Hotel Division Features:

  • No Contact Self-Checkout
  • Couponing Opportunities
  • Link to Local Restaurant's Menu
  • 22-inch Full-Color Screen
  • 1080 px by 1080 px Ad Dimensions
  • Video Ad option (with subtitles)
  • Static Ad option
  • :15 units
  • Division's Annual Impressions - 4,300,000
No Contact Self-Checkout
Maintained and Stocked by GrabScanGo
Convenient Self-Checkout
FREE Mobile App


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